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Grrrl on the Road: A book

Manuela Uggiano aka Manupalooza, Neapolitan, moved to the Netherlands as a teenage punkrocker end 1990s and has been active in the DIY music scene ever since. Always with one foot in the underground and one in the mainstream, after longer and shorter spells in riotgrrrl, ladyfest, squatting, playing in bands and running underground freespace venues, she one day just packed up and left to see the world: alone. Read of these adventures in her upcoming book “GRRRL ON THE ROAD”. Contains original artwork, collages, interviews, instructions, and lots of inspiration to also live this way!

Photo by Minja Sarovic

Manuela Uggiano

Hello, my name is Manuela, and I am a retired punkrocker. I used to be active in the underground music scene in the Netherlands,

-Playing in bands (Paralympics/Frankenberries/Mexican Holiday/Pigtails on Fire)

-I organized festivals and concerts,

..and generally I’ve always been a rebel and a lover of street culture.

But NOW! I have written a book, about being a solo female traveler.

So what is this book about???

A few years ago, I had decided to quit my job and travel the world, with as little money as possible and seeking true adventure. I used to keep a blog during this time, and had thousands of followers. As time went by and I became more of a nomad, I had not only less and less plans, but I also had a larger and larger community of like-minded alternative travelers. People like me, and people I aspired to be. I interviewed some of them!

The book is not only about me though: Sharing is caring! So I’ve also included explanations and instructions for you, so that you also can learn to not only travel but also to live like this: lo-fi, sustainable, zero impact, free, and by default more meaningfully. Reclaim your life!!!

Format: coffeetable (lots of photos, collages, illustrations, and delightfully entertaining colours). A4, glossy.

Themes: Finding yourself. Returning home. Choosing to live differently.  DIY/free cultures/underground communities. Amsterdam, and how it became gentrified.

An analogue blog

What was once an online blog by Manupalooza, "Grrl on the Road" is now in book form, with more narration and more travel stories.

A how-to guide

Instructions, Descriptions and Stories, so you can also learn to travel (and live!) freely. Reclaim your life!


Along the way, Manuela met interesting people living alternatively, so she asked them to share. Get inspired! many Photos!

A picture can tell a thousand words. And so can an illustration. Enjoy Manuela's snapshots, as well as the collages, and the original artwork by Jane Mack.

Pre-order your copy now!

10 October, 2023: At the moment, Manuela has finished crowdfunding for the first batch of printed books. The campaign was 100% successful and ended on 16th August, 2023. There was an official launch party on 7th October, 2023. The book is a fact! 

Please message @Manupalooza for instructions on how to get a copy, or if you’d like to invite her for an in-person & live reading:)

P.S. you can still go to this Voordekunst link to watch the campaign video! 

Here was the old crowdfunding video

Manuela has crowdfunded to raise the funds to print the first batch of books. 

Manuela reading her book live.



14 – Kafee De Klarist (20:00), Den Haag


18 – (14:30!) Desibels, Dordrecht

28 – (21:00) Toekomstmuziek, Amsterdam


Readings being confirmed in Rome, Naples, Palermo (Italy), and in other Dutch cities. Come back soon!